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Turn your information into evidence.

Meet your Digital Witness

Just as a human witness can attest to events or actions, a Digital Witness vouches for the authenticity of emails, documents, and other digital records, assuring they remain unaltered. This makes it a powerful tool for professionals who need a trustworthy validation of digital events and transactions.

Digital Witnesses shine in various scenarios such as safeguarding intellectual property, validating legal documents, ensuring the integrity of professional communications, and preserving the authenticity of creative content, increasing trust and transparency in each case.

Why secure your data with a Digital Witness?

In an unpredictable world, preparing for the unexpected is key. A Digital Witness acts as a time capsule, safeguarding your daily digital interactions. Whether it’s a casual email today or routine documentation, they can evolve into monumental evidences for decision-making in the future.

Imagine having robust proof for every critical step you take—enabling you to validate your actions and decisions with confidence when it truly matters. With a Digital Witness, you turn today’s ordinary interactions into tomorrow’s reliable assets.

Fully automated, super-accurate digital evidence

With our service, protecting your information is immediate and straightforward. As soon as you create a document or record an event, we create a Digital Witness that attests to that, and lock it securely into an immutable Blockchain database record. It's like instantly having a super-accurate receipt that confirms exactly what happened and when.

This means there’s no need to just take someone’s word for it anymore. You’ll always have clear and solid proof ready, making things easier and more secure for everyone.

A time-stamped Seal of Authenticity

Timing is everything. Our Digital Witnesses don’t just show that your documents exist; they pin down the exact moment of creation. This clears away doubts and uncertainties, leaving you with solid, time-stamped proof that stands strong in any situation, eliminating costly confusion and ensuring your content’s integrity and authenticity.

Seamless integration. Unbreakable assurance.

Integrate our services through our official data sources or use our Enterprise grade API to build your own. A few witnesses per day or millions, our system is robust, adaptable, and ready to meet your demands. And if you need assistance in creating data sources or implementing our services, we're always here, ready to asist and guide you in tailoring our services for the best integration into your operations!

Crafted for clarity. Tailored for trust. Digital Witnesses by Witnium.